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Utrecht Artists' Oil Paint - Dioxazine Purple, 37 ml tube

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Dioxazine Purple
Dioxazine Purple

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Product Details

Dioxazine Purple
37 ml

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PR23 RS-Dioxazine Violet (Red Shade)

Pigment Name

PR23 RS-Dioxazine Violet (Red Shade)

Pigment Type


Chemical Name

carbazole dioxazine

Chemical Formula



Dioxazine Violet is transparent and has very high tinting strength. It is a staining pigment, very dark valued when it is used at full strength. Concentrated, it paints out nearly black, but it mixes with Titanium White to form bright, opaque tints of purple. Pigment PV23 produces slightly redder shades than PV37. Because the hue can vary with the conditions of preparation and grinding, it may be offered in red shade, blue shade, and so forth. PR23RS is a preparation of PV23 that tends to reddish hue.


Dioxazine Violet has good lightfastness. There may be some concern about it fading or shifting in color in tints and washes. Some artists have reported that PV37, a molecular variant, is more lightfast than PV23.



Two molecular variants of Dioxazine Violet, PV23 and PV37, are available. They have similar properties, but mix slightly differently.

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