Studio Designs Craft Center Set

Studio Designs

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Studio Designs Craft Center Set, stool next to table with top raised

A sturdy, comfortable table for crafting and art making, complete with matching stool. The Studio Designs Craft Center Set features a maple laminate work surface that tilts from 0 to 30 degrees. The steel frame craft center features a white powder-coated finish, casters for easy mobility, and two re...

Item #: 52523-1001
Description: Craft Center Set
Style: White Frame/Maple Top
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Item Specs

Overall Dimensions
Width (Table Top)23-1/2”59.7 cm
Length (Table Top)34"86.4 cm
Maximum Height37-1/2"95.25 cm
Minimum Height29-1/2"75 cm
Adjustment Angle (Table Top)0-30°
Weight33 lbs15 kg

Additional Measurements
Pencil Ledge
Length24"61 cm
Width14"35 cm
Height19-1/2"49.5 cm