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Amsterdam Acrylic Ink - Primary Yellow, 30 ml

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Amsterdam Acrylic Ink - Primary Yellow, 30 ml
Amsterdam Acrylic Ink - Primary Yellow, 30 ml

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AP Non-Toxic.

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Primary Yellow
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30 ml

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PY74-Hansa Yellow

Pigment Name

PY74-Hansa Yellow

Pigment Type


Chemical Formula



Pigment PY74 is one of the most commercially important pigments of the Hansa Yellow group, considered superior to many others in its class based on both tinting strength and lightfastness. Several PY74 grades with different particle sizes are available. Grades with finer particle size are more brilliant and transparent. Pigment PY74 ranges from reddish yellow to greenish yellow, with temperature shifts from cool to warm hues. It has high tinting strength and average to slow drying time.


This Hansa Yellow has better lightfastness that other yellow monoazo pigments, particularly in the darker shades.


Hansa Yellow has no significant acute hazards, though its chronic hazards have not been well studied.


Hansa Yellows were first made in Germany just before WW1 from a series of synthetic dyestuffs called Pigment Yellow. They were intended to be a synthetic replacement for Cadmium Yellow.

Safety Data Sheet

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