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Utrecht Artists' Watercolor Paint - Burnt Yellow, 14 ml tube

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Burnt Yellow
Burnt Yellow
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Product Details

Burnt Yellow
14 ml

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PY150-Nickel Azo Yellow

Pigment Name

PY150-Nickel Azo Yellow

Pigment Type


Chemical Name

nickel azomethine yellow

Chemical Formula



Nickel Azo Yellow is a transparent, moderately staining yellow pigment with high tinting strength. It is considered a good color match in botanical and landscape painting for natural gamboge (NY24), a historic yellow pigment with fair to poor lightfastness.


Nickel azomethine yellow has excellent lightfastness.


Nickel azo yellow pigment is mildly toxic, and is often labeled as hazardous. Avoid respiratory and skin exposure to pigment dust. It should be disposed of properly with other hazardous wastes, not washed down the sink. However, the contribution of artist


Nickel azomethine yellow has been developed as an artist pigment becasue it is a close match for gamboge, a historic yellow.

Safety Data Sheet