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Utrecht Artists' Watercolor Paint - Lamp Black, 14 ml tube

Item #:01766-2022
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Lamp Black
Lamp Black

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Product Details

Lamp Black
14 ml

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PBk6-Lamp Black

Pigment Name

PBk6-Lamp Black

Pigment Type


Chemical Name


Chemical Formula



Lamp black is a very opaque, heavily staining black pigment that does not have much covering power. It is typically the most opaque black in watercolor form. Though a very pure black, it tends to muddy slightly in mixtures, is one of the slowest drying pigments in oils, and should not be used under other colors.


Lamp Black is very lightfast and absolutely permanent. It is used in all techniques in permanent painting.


Lamp Black is slightly toxic by skin contact and inhalation. It is a possible human carcinogen.


Lamp Black is a carbon based black traditionally produced by collecting soot (known as lampblack) from oil lamps. It is the black found in Egyptian murals and tomb decorations and was the most popular black for frescoing until the development of Mars Black.

Safety Data Sheet