Montana Acrylic Marker Refills

Montana Cans

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Montana Acrylic Marker Refill - Shock Pink, 25 ml bottom

Refill your favorite Montana Acrylic Markers in minutes with Montana Acrylic Marker Refills. Available in the same range of highly pigmented, brilliant matte colors plus a gloss varnish, simply remove the valve of the marker you wish to refill and place the refill applicator tip into the marker body...

™ Montana Cans is a trademark.

Item Specs


Refill capacity for the 25ml Refill

  • 0.7mm Marker - Approximately 4 times
  • 2mm Marker - Approximately 2 times
  • 15mm, 30mm & 50mm Markers - Approximately 1 time


Refill capacity for the 180ml Refill

  • 0.7mm Marker - Approximately 22 times
  • 2mm Marker - Approximately 15 times
  • 15mm, 30mm & 50mm Markers - Approximately 6 times