Golden Open Acrylics and Sets


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Golden Open Acrylic Paints Assorted Jars

Golden Open Acrylics expand the range of techniques available by staying wet longer on the palette and on the canvas. They offer unique and relaxed working properties that facilitate working with natural fiber brushes, blending, softening, shading, glazing, and fine detail. Excellent for plein air p...

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Item Specs

Tube59 ml2 oz
Jar118 ml4 oz
Tube150 ml5 oz
Jar237 ml8 oz
Quart Jar946 ml32 oz


The Golden MXR (Virtual Paint Mixer) is a tool which allows the artist to virtually experiment with and explore color options within the GOLDEN palette. To access the Golden MXR please click here.

pdf documentTo view a PDF color chart, please click here.