Blick Edge Tabletop Easel


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Edge Tabletop Easel - Right angle on table

Unique and versatile, the Blick Edge Tabletop Easel is perfect for artists working in small spaces who don't want to be limited in the size of art they can create. The easel has the ability to extend off the edge of any table to accommodate large canvases up to 53". Invert the top post, and ...

Item #: 80048-1001
Description: Edge Tabletop Easel
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Item Specs

Easel Width14.2"36 cm
Easel Depth15"38 cm
Minimum Easel Height20"51 cm
Maximum Easel Height53.56"136 cm
Minimum Canvas Height2.76"7.1 cm
Maximum Canvas Height53"134 cm
Canvas Tray Width14.76"37 cm
Canvas Tray Depth1.26"3.2 cm
Easel Weight6.6 lb2.9 kg