PWC Extra Fine Professional Watercolor - Permanent Violet, 15 ml, Tube

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PWC Extra Fine Professional Watercolor - Permanent Violet, 15 ml, Tube and swatch

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Product Details

Extra Fine Professional Watercolor
Permanent Violet
15 ml (.5 oz)


Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PV3-Methyl Violet 2B

Pigment Name

PV3-Methyl Violet 2B

Pigment Type

organic, triarylcarbonium

Chemical Name

tetramethyl violet

Chemical Formula



Methyl Violet 2B is a staining, transparent violet dye. It turns yellow when exposed to strong acids.


Methyl Violet 2B will fade with exposure to ultraviolet light.


Methyl Violet 2B is harmful to living cells and organisms, so it is diluted in medical and biological applications as a topical fungicide or disinfectant. Methyl Violet 2B may cause irritation to the skin, eyes, respiratory tract, or gastrointestinal trac


Methyl Violet dyes are used in medical, biological, and pharmaceutical applications. Common Methyl Violets include Methyl Violet 2B, Methyl Violet 6B, and Methyl Violet 10B. They are often used as biological stains for cytology. The common name Gentian Violet is sometimes applied to this class of dyes. In very dilute form, Gentian Violet is often used as an antifungal agent, including in applications where there is contact with skin and other tissue. Paper impregnanted with Methyl Violet 2B is used to test pH because it turns yellow at pH 0.

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