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Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paint - Indo Orange Red, 2 oz tube

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Indo Orange Red
Indo Orange Red
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Product Details

Indo Orange Red
Artists' Acrylic Paint, Indo Orange Red
2 oz (59 ml)

Pigment Information

This color contains the following pigments:

PO43-Perinone Orange

Pigment Name

PO43-Perinone Orange

Pigment Type

vat, anthraquinone

Chemical Formula



Perinone Orange is a strong, clean, reddish orange pigment classified as a vat pigment. It has an average drying time.


Perinone Orange has excellent lightfastness and weatherfastness.


Perinone Orange is not considered toxic.


Perinone orange is often used in plastics and vinyls, automotive finishes, and printing inks. Its high cost limits its application to products for which superior lightfastness and weather resistance is essential. In textiles, it is used in synthetic fabrics that must survive in harsh conditions, such as tents and awnings.

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