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Mediums and Varnishes

Masking Fluid: Time Frame

Old Acrylic Medium: Can You Tell By The Smell?

Varnish: Utrecht Varnish temporary or permanent

Vegetable Oils: Utrecht Food Grade vs Artist Grade

Utrecht Color Range of Drying Oils

Utrecht Alkyd Gel

Utrecht Copal Medium

Utrecht Stand Oil

Utrecht Safflower Oil Paint

Utrecht Waiting to Varnish

Utrecht Craft-Gloss Medium as a Varnish new

Utrecht Damar Varnish

Utrecht Retouch issues new

What is “Megilp”?

Utrecht Retarder Gel

Utrecht Japan Drier

Acrylic Mediums Compared

Acrylic Illuminating Medium

Acrylic Modeling Paste and Extender

Linseed Oil Cold Pressed vs. Alkali Refined

The Function of Varnish in Mediums

“Bodied” Oils for Painting

What Not to Use as Varnish


When Too Much Paint Comes Out of the Tube

Diluting and Extending Acrylics

Minimum Film Forming Temperature

House Paint vs. Artists’ Colors

Opening a Stuck Acrylic Jar

Are Acrylics “Archival”?

Can I Make Fluid Acrylics?

Acrylic Primary Colors

Acrylic Paints and Issues of Permanence

Can acrylic paint be made in-studio?


Oil Painting for Beginners

Thinners for Oil Painting

Alizarin Crimson Original vs. Permanent

Blotting Excess Vehicle from Oil Paint

Graphite under Oil Paint?

Oil Shed from Tube Colors

Utrecht Artists' Oil Color, Raw Umber

Creating Long Bodied Oil Paint

Modifying Drying Rates

Oil on Paper

On Thinning Oils

Oiling Out to Revive Dull Colors

The Principle of Fat over Lean

Retouching with Alkyd

Driers in Oil Paint

Artist's Oil Colors for Staining Wood

The Paint Milling Process

White Lead Paste

Which White is Which?

Viridian Professional Oil Color

Water Miscible Oils Explained

Machine Milled vs. Hand Dispersed

Using Oil Paint that has Skinned Over


Studio Craft: Utrecht Handling Pigments

Product Profiles: “Pure Pigments” Explained

Pigment variations

Utrecht Pigment scarcity

Studio Skills and Tips

Making Art In Your Living Space: Special Considerations

Studio Craft: Work Like A Professional Artist

Selling Art on Consignment: Utrecht Consignment

Utrecht Must art be difficult

Studio Craft: Utrecht Restore brushes

Studio Craft: Utrecht Storage temps

Studio Craft: Utrecht Benchmark tests new

Studio Craft: Utrecht Mixingopaque

Studio Craft: Utrecht Tubing mixtures

Ask the Expert: Utrecht Contrast

Studio Craft: Utrecht How paint dries

Commissioned Portraits: Utrecht Portrait managing the process

Studio Craft: Utrecht Work like a professional

Studio Craft: Utrecht Productivity Secrets

Studio Craft: Utrecht Refresh Your Art

Studio Craft: Utrecht Paint economy

Studio Craft: Utrecht Brushes economy

Studio Craft: Utrecht Soaking brushes

Studio Craft: Utrecht Fillers oils

Studio Craft: Utrecht Color Temperature

Seasoning a palette

Just for Fun: Utrecht Study from casts

Just for Fun: Utrecht What is studio craft new

Just for Fun: Utrecht Scholastic

Ask the Expert: Utrecht Splitcomp color

Ask the Expert: Utrecht Analogous color

Ask the Expert: Utrecht Primary color

History: Utrecht Paintings of palettes

Just for Fun: Utrecht Dealing with criticism

Just for Fun: Utrecht Defending Mud

Studio Craft: Utrecht Impasto

Just for Fun: Utrecht What does archival mean

Company History: Utrecht Egg tempera

Art History: Utrecht Frottis

Company History: Utrecht Vintage Utrecht Brush Craft

Utrecht History: Utrecht Simple tests

Utrecht History: Utrecht guide


History: Utrecht Rendering drapery

Just for Fun: Utrecht Watercolor sizing

Studio Craft: Utrecht Watercolor tempera

Old paint

Working Properties


Easels as Gifts: Utrecht Easels as Gifts

Utrecht Economy vs professional

Watercolor Cakes vs Tubes

Asian Art Supplies

Animal free

Ask the Experts: Utrecht Acrylics oils differences

Ask the Experts: Utrecht Ink comparisons

Galleries: Utrecht-galleries rejection

Utrecht Resin over paint

Utrecht Removing Paint from Clothes

Studio Craft: Utrecht Paintings value

Repairing Art: Utrecht Repairs ethical practical concerns

Utrecht Habits of successful artists

Utrecht Maquette

Utrecht Sculpting waxes explained


Utrecht Solvent free brush washing

Gloves vs creams

Studio Craft: Utrecht Oil combustion

Studio Craft: Utrecht Reclaiming Solvents

Studio Craft: Utrecht Skin protection

Studio Craft: Utrecht Disposal

Art Materials Safety: Utrecht Art Materials History Safety new

Ecology and watercolor

Utrecht Painting fingers

Linseed Oil: Utrecht Linseed smell

Display and Care of Art

Studio Craft: Utrecht Rolling paintings

Studio Craft: Utrecht Removing varnish

Studio Craft: Utrecht Repairing a Torn Canvas

Studio Craft: Utrecht Protecting art in challenging conditions new1

Utrecht Archival, Permanent and Lightfast

Studio Craft: Utrecht CRACKING VS CRAZING

Studio Craft: Utrecht Finishing frames

Ask the Expert: Utrecht Alkyd as varnish

Utrecht Risks Cleaning Painting

Utrecht Is Varnishing Necessary

Ask the Expert: Utrecht Sticky varnish

Ask the Expert: Utrecht Mold on canvas

Drawing and Paper

First Aid for a Drawing

Watermark Placement

Drawing on Non-Permanent Papers

Printmaking Deckled Edge

Studio Craft: Utrecht Silverpoint

Studio Craft: Utrecht Tech pen maintenance

Studio Craft: Utrecht Graphite wash

Studio Craft: Utrecht Sharpening

Just for Fun: Utrecht a gift of paper

Vellum bristol mylar


Utrecht Preliminary sketch

Just for Fun: Utrecht You need a new Eraser new

Utrecht Drawing Exercises

Utrecht get a grip

Utrecht Print paper alternate applications

Supports and Grounds

Canvas Without Stretchers: Alternatives

Can Murals be Portable?

Painting on the Wrong Side of Canvas?

Exposed Gesso on an Oil Painting

The Blank Canvas: Anticipation and Intimidation

Utrecht Preparing synthetic

Utrecht Customizing Factory-primed Supports

Utrecht Staples or tacks

Utrecht Stretching a Round Canvas

Canvas Stretchers: Utrecht Stretchers an overview

Stretcher keys

Painting Grounds: Utrecht Oil priming vs acrylic

Studio Craft: Utrecht Stretching your own vs prestretched

Studio Craft: Utrecht Reusing canvas

Ask the Expert: Utrecht Cracking

Studio Craft: Utrecht Canvas troubleshooting

Ask the Expert: Utrecht Stretcherjoints

Studio Craft: Utrecht Loose canvas

Studio Craft: Utrecht Making Canvas Panels

Studio Craft: Utrecht Bracing a panel

Studio Craft: Utrecht Extra smooth primed panels

Studio Craft: Utrecht on preparing panels

Studio Craft: Utrecht Stretching canvas on the bias

Utrecht Eliminating Creases in Canvas

Studio Craft: Utrecht Toned grounds

Studio Craft: Utrecht Sizing panel edges

Studio Craft: Utrecht Homemade ground

Studio Craft: Utrecht Mounting large canvas paintings

Type 79D linen sizing

Just for Fun: Utrecht the story of gesso

Just for Fun: Utrecht bias challenge

Herringbone Canvas

Primed canvas basics

Canvas terms

Primer coverage

Utrecht Clear vs Original Acrylic Gesso

Studio Craft: Utrecht rsg shelf life

Utrecht supports and grounds 2013

Sizingscompared new


Ask the Expert: Utrecht Gesso compatibility

Utrecht Acrylic Gesso: An Overview

Utrecht Incorporating the Ground Into a Painting

Studio Craft: Painting on Raw Canvas?

Utrecht Gesso: Sizing and Priming in One


Impressionism: Misconceptions vs Reality

Art History: Utrecht Braque and texture

History: Utrecht Hals brushstroke

Camoufleurs: Artists at War

History: Utrecht Painting on palette

A Christmas Carol: Utrecht Crafting a First Edition

History: Utrecht impressionist brushstroke

History: Utrecht Picasso nontraditional paint

Chiaroscuro: Utrecht Concept and Application

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