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The Cutting Edge of Art Materials

Artists are constantly searching for new avenues to explore and ways to apply their craft. Over the last few decades the use of aerosol paint has evolved into an art form embraced by critics, galleries and the public through murals, installations, canvases and repurposed found objects. Hand in hand with this movement has been the development of artist grade spraypaints and pigments designed specifically for fine art application, yet durable enough to maintain vibrance and luminosity when exposed to the elements.

Utrecht offers a large assortment of the best artist grade aerosol paints and markers in hundreds of colors with a variety of finishes. Whether you need a high pressure spray to fill large areas quickly or an easier to control low pressure spray for elaborate and detailed line work you can find it in our stores and on our website. We also carry papers and even sneakers created with these new materials and techniques in mind.

At Utrecht, we're proud to be on the cutting edge of the art material market and proud to offer these items to a new generation of artists pushing the boundaries of image making in galleries and on the streets.

Find the airbrush kit tools, airbrush compressors and paint that are right for you at Utrecht!

The airbrush gun is an excellent tool for casting shadows. It delivers the soft granular spray required for creating the illusion of objects floating in space. The airbrush is also ideally suited for the development of a hard edge when painting with acrylics - simply airbrush paint along a masked area to capture the spray. The tighter the mask is attached to the work surface, the harder the edge will be. Acrylics can be sprayed along stencils and masks without fear of bleeding.

As the world's leading designer of high-quality, professional airbrush paint spray equipment, Iwata is constantly inspired to evolve already superior products and make them even better. With the comprehensive series of airbrush compressors and airbrush guns, Iwata is the most trusted name in the industry, because they guarantee you're spraying with the most advanced brushes on the market - at any price! From the legendary Custom Micron Series to the value-priced Eclipse Series, Iwata makes an airbrush kit that's just right for you.