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Utrecht has been milling Artists' acrylic paint in our Brooklyn mill since 1959...

In fact, Utrecht was one of the first major developers and manufacturers of acrylic paint globally.Today there are numerous manufacturers of acrylics and Utrecht compliments our own lines of professional, studio series, and fluid acrylic paint with a selection of the finer national acrylic brands such as Golden, Liquitex, Atelier Interactive and Winsor & Newton. We offer you a wide array of  tubes, pints, painting sets, and other acrylic supplies.

Looking for Iridescent acrylic paints?

If you are looking for iridescent acrylic paints, you'll find our Utrecht iridescent colors in small tubes or large tubes and pints. If you prefer to mix your own colors, Utrecht's line of acrylic painting mediums includes an iridescent tint medium. We offer a wide selection of Golden's iridescent colors in small tubes and half pints. Liquitex also offers several iridescent colors in their heavy body and soft body tubes.

Some Facts About Acyrlic Paint Colors:

- Water soluble when wet, but are permanent, water resistant, and flexible when dry.
- Have little odor, release no fumes, are nonflammable.
- Built-up surfaces will remain free of cracks and chips. Surfaces are less flexible in cold weather and softer in warm weather.
- Can be used on almost any surface, from paper, to canvas, to brick, to wood – The exceptions are oily or shiny surfaces. Plastic surfaces should be sanded before painting; leather surfaces should be degreased with rubbing alcohol.
- Air-dry by evaporation. Thin paint films: 10 - 20 minutes. Thick paint films: 1 hour - 3 days.
- The surface of a dry acrylic painting can be cleaned by gently washing with soap and water.
- Use only non-toxic thinners and mediums. Do not mix with turpentine or oils. Mix only with other acrylic emulsion paints or mediums.

Cleaning up Acrylic Paint:

From hands: Wet or dried acrylic paint cleans with soap and water.
From brushes: Clean wet brushes with soap & water. Clean dried acrylic brushes with acetone, denatured alcohol or equivalent product. These cleaning solutions are toxic. Care should be taken during use.
From clothing: While paint is wet, clean with water and/or window cleaner. Dried acrylic paint is permanent on fabric.
From painting surface: While acrylic paint is wet, wipe with damp rag, clean with water. When paint is dry, simply paint over surface with desired colors and motif.