The Store Manager’s main function is to coordinate available organizational resources to meet quantitative goals. The manager is responsible for the daily operations of the retail store, for the strategic plan to grow sales, for creating a positive and productive work environment for associates, and for establishing and promoting a guest friendly culture. The goal is to meet and exceed our guests’ expectations.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Hire, train, develop and motivate the store’s associate team.
  2. Manage daily store operations.
  3. Achieve all quantitative goals; sales targets, inventory levels, margin contribution and controllable expenses, including payroll.
  4. Manage an accurate and balanced inventory and control store shrink.
  5. Administrate an Outreach program that is productive, lucrative and establishes mutually beneficial relationships.
  6. Have an on-going knowledge of all competitive activity (competitive shopping) and to react to that competition when appropriate in a fiscally responsible manner.
  7. Merchandise a neat, clean and organized store that is disciplined to our corporate operational standards (operational check-list).
  8. Exhibit and develop above average product knowledge.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  1. Operate a Utrecht retail store with entrepreneurial enthusiasm.
  2. Develop a plan to increase sales and market share (Business Plan).
  3. Maintain a positive and productive working environment for our associates (Lead by example).
  4. Pursue projects that will generate margin, not simply revenue.
  5. Communicate accurate and timely information with both the store and the corporate support staff. 
  6. Create Utrecht Brand awareness in the market’s art community.

GOALS (quantifiable) and OBJECTIVES (qualitative):


  1. To achieve controllable expense and payroll budgets.
  2. To achieve sales, gross margin and profit budgets.
  3. To achieve stock plan and shrink guidelines.


  1. To strengthen Utrecht’s relations with the arts and educational communities.
  2. To develop and maintain a promotable staff.
  3. To operate within company standards and procedures