Utrecht Series 219 Soft Bristle Brush Set of 6

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Great set for oil and acrylic painting.

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Our popular Series 219 brushes are now available in a comprehensive set of six. Made from the highest quality chungking hog bristles and conditioned to provide the softest handling and spring unlike anything found in other bristles. Featuring copper ferrules and long brown laquered hardwood handles.

At our Best Buy price, you save over $17 vs. buying the brushes individually!

Set Includes:
#6 Angle
#6 Flat
#10 Flat
#8 Filbert
#4 Filbert
#2 Round

Size: 6

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  • Bring back series 219 as separate brushes!

    Reviewed on 9/25/2018

    As reviewed by LO

    Experience: NOVICE

    I bought some of these brushes a few years ago when they were sold separately. Bought some more a bit later. Then, the brushes disappeared and next, I found I could get them but only in a set. I think these are terrific brushes but I don't necessarily need or want the selections in a set. Would love to see these brushes as separate products again.

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  • 219 set of 6

    Reviewed on 10/19/2012

    As reviewed by muvs32

    Experience: STUDENT

    I had bought this set a little while back when I had just begun to use oils. Basically, I had wanted to bulk up my assortment of brushes without breaking the bank. I bought this set plus a few of the other Utrecht bristle series. I hadn't given it too much thought at first but I am now aware of how often I reach for one of the 219 series brushes. I had bought a few more of the smaller brights/filberts to broaden my selection as well. These brushes do have a nice feel...easier for me to use with some precision without have to switch to a different hair type. The bristle seems of fairly good quality as I wash them with turp/OMS and then soap and water and they seem to be holding up nicely. I also enjoy the beauty of the brush itself, it might not make a difference in painting but I like handsome brushes. The bristle hair in this series is softer I suppose but not overly so, it isn't taklon soft etc. My brushes are holding their shape well after about 6 months of fairly regular use. I will buy again. Note: inspect the ferrules of all brushes you buy at store. The package is not glues so open it up and make certain your getting the brushes with tight ferrule. It isn't a very common issue with Utrecht brushes, no more so then any other make...just a good thing to check for in brushes no matter what.

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  • Good value, good selection.

    Reviewed on 12/12/2012

    As reviewed by HB

    Experience: STUDENT

    I bought these at the beginning of this semester for my first college painting class. They've been used quite a bit and they've stood up fairly well. (As far as I can tell no bristles have fallen out but they do seem to wear down eventually although I am not particularly easy on them. My professor says I'm afraid of paint haha) These six were the only brushes I bought and I didn't feel the need to add any more for what I was doing this semester. (Although I did buy a small bright but only because there was a crazy sale at our school store.) They were cheap, they were pretty and the variety of brushes seemed just right. I don't regret buying them one bit.

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