Utrecht Sculpture Stand, European Beechwood, Adjustable Height

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Our sculpture stand is made from European beechwood and has a wide stance for maximum stability when working with clay or ceramics.

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The Utrecht Sculpture Stand is made from European beechwood and has a wide stance for maximum stability when working with clay or ceramics.  It is also great for display purposes. The work surface rotates and can be adjusted to eight positions between 40” and 50”. 

An elegant way to work on and display your art.

Size: 39 in

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  • Fine for students

    Reviewed on 9/10/2015

    As reviewed by Lou

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I used these in a 3 month long class. I was concerned that it doesn't have wheels but my instructor said that castors were risky, especially since the floor was tile, lots of places to get jammed up and tip over! We used a sculpture stand on top of the platform, raising the height by 1 1/2in, and that was easy to turn and slide and move. We also used the sight-size method to observe the model, so there was no reason to move them while working. It held up no problem to 50lbs of clay due to the sturdy pin. There were mold issues in this studio, and on the melamine coated particle boards we used as armature stands, but these wooden stands did not harbor mold. We used normal water based clay, some pieces were fired, and some we made molds from. I find that oils and polyurethane go a long way in preserving wood in the studio.

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  • utrecht sculpture stand

    Reviewed on 12/3/2012

    As reviewed by Ken Small

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    Outstand quality and easy to assemble. Fulfills the need as well as units costing three times as much. Esthetic and functional. Great buy!!

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  • Go with metal!

    Reviewed on 4/23/2015

    As reviewed by Ben

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    As a ceramic sculptor, I do not recommend this stand. Utrecht Art Supplies has amazing easels for painting, however, this stand is exactly as it looks, an economic version for someone who cannot afford a $250-350 stand. The primary issue is that it does not turn 360 degrees. And there are no wheels, making your position as a sculptor more stationary. I would not recommend this to a student in a figure sculpting class either. The quality of the stand is fine, however I cannot imagine it lasting many years. The wood material of the stand may be subject to molding and weakening from working with clay and using water in the studio. This stand is best recommended for people who make art as a leisure and do not work with water-based clay.

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