Utrecht Professional Acrylic Gesso, White

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$25.09 - $94.29
$15.05 - $56.57

Professional quality gesso that produces optimal whiteness and covering power.

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Utrecht Professional Acrylic Gesso is formulated with a high concentration of an exceptional grade of Titanium Dioxide for optimal whiteness and covering power. It is combined with an excellent polymer binder to produce a highly stable and flexible surface that ensures no bleed through.

Utrecht Professional Acrylic Gesso produces a versatile surface that will retain brushstrokes when applied in concentration.

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  • Absolutely the best gesso ever!

    Reviewed on 9/21/2012

    As reviewed by Deborah Angilletta

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    This is the best gesso on the market hands down. It has the consistency of cake batter and is the whitest gesso you will find because of the concentration of titanium. I will not buy any other gesso. Great value for the price.

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  • great stuff

    Reviewed on 12/14/2012

    As reviewed by Adam Swanson

    Experience: NOVICE

    Like the other reviewers I love this gesso. It is like frosting and I use it as a medium to beef up my colorful paints. It's great for building texture, you can paint right on top of it. I also use it as my white paint. It is flexible and clean, and the texture is just wonderful. Definitely worth the extra few bucks.

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  • just as it says

    Reviewed on 4/16/2013

    As reviewed by Alan Cayton

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I like this product because I can spread it on thick with a knife and push it down into the weave of the canvas on the first coat and build up a good white surface with subsequent layers. It performs just as the description says it does.

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