Utrecht No. 1 Singapore Damar Crystals

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Use Utrecht Damar Crystals to create your own damar varnish for pictures, retouching or oil mediums. Finest grade of damar crystals available. Instructions included. 16 oz. (1 lb.)

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The finest grade of damar crystals available today. In a one-lb bag. Complete instructions for making damar varnish appear on the label.

Size: 1 lb

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  • Damar Happy

    Reviewed on 6/7/2012

    As reviewed by Rusty

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I have found that the Damar Crystals from Utretch are the most inexpensive anywhere on the web and they work great for my needs as an encaustic artist. I prefer and enjoy making my own encaustic medium (I can control the amounts of damar:beeswax by making my own and Utrecht helps me acheive that.

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  • perfect

    Reviewed on 4/23/2013

    As reviewed by T.J.

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    This is my first use of damar in this form and it worked perfectly. Like others, I needed to melt it down to make encaustic medium. I couldn't find a better price anywhere and I'm perfectly satisfied with this product. It's common for damar crystals to have various detritus in the product. Compared to the damar crystals that I've seen in use on youtube, the package I received was remarkably clean. I've already placed several more pounds in my cart to purchase soon.

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  • Best Price Best quality anywhere

    Reviewed on 11/29/2012

    As reviewed by Mercado

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    The quality and price is remarkable ,In this category, Utrech is unmatched,

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