Utrecht Gel Matte Medium

MP Code #MP-02029-005   
$12.60 - $104.99
$7.79 - $52.49

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Use it to create a flat finish or add body and texture to your acrylic paint colors. This heavy bodied matte acrylic emulsion allows you to create impasto effects with a frosty appearance. Dries to clear matte finish.

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A heavy bodied matte acrylic emulsion used to create flat finish and to add body and texture to acrylic colors. Matte Gel can be mixed with Gloss Gel to form varous levels of gloss. Heavy applications will allow thick impasto effects with a slightly frosted appearance.

This gel can also be used as a transfer medium and adhesive. Dries to a clear matte finish.

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  • good semi-matte gel

    Reviewed on 2/21/2013

    As reviewed by Priscilla

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    The good news is the great price, and the fact that this gel is very heavy-bodied, with lots of polymer in the formula. This gel works really well as a glue or for getting extra body + translucency in your paint. I ordered several jars, and found that they are not really a flat matte. They are more of a semi-matte. I find this to be a very good product in terms of physical performance, just not totally matte.

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  • Hard edge applications

    Reviewed on 1/30/2013

    As reviewed by Victoria Chick

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    Matt gel is the perfect medium for sealing tape for hard edge applications. After applying tape, I brush matt gel lightly over the edges. It is not watery so does not leak under the tape and after it dries prevents paint from bleeding under the tape. A clean edge results for me every time. It is important to remove the tape soon after this process so it is not hard to get off as its adherence qualities are very good also.

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  • Matte Gel Meidum

    Reviewed on 3/27/2013

    As reviewed by Daniel Wilder

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I have used this product for over twenty years. Minimal shrinkage., maintains true hue, value and chroma. Only wish it came in an extra heavy or thick gel.

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