Utrecht Convertible Easel

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Utrecht Artist's Studio Easel is a versatile and convertible H-frame easel that is at home in any studio. Holds canvas up to 94 inches high.

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The Utrecht Artist's Easel is a versatile workhorse for any studio.  It quickly converts from a fully vertical easel, to a horizontal table, or any position in between. 

It is ideal for any type of painting and can handle a canvas up to 94" high.  Height adjustments are made easily with a ratcheting mechanism.  The large storage tray will accommodate all of your painting tools. 

Made of European beechwood.

What Customers Say About The Utrecht Artist's Studio Easel

"We just received our Utrecht Artist's Studio Easel (Item No: 42638)and we love it.  We want another one . . . I'm hoping you still have one left."

Size: 120"

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  • Perfect for me, one complaint

    Reviewed on 2/7/2012

    As reviewed by Peter Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    Experience: STUDENT

    I am very pleased with this easel. I purchased it directly from my local Utrecht store as a floor model, saving me the bother of assembly. I recommend it for its features and the price. I had searched for months to find an easel like this, i.e. that can be tilted from horizontal all the way past vertical a few degrees toward me as I work. It holds small to large canvases, easily adjusts up and down for working on large pieces top and bottom, has wheels that roll easily and lock. It also looks handsome with a nice fit and finish. My only complaint is that the vertical struts attached to the chassis that hold the tiltable frame in place are a bit shaky side to side. I'm going to add additional supports to these struts where they attach to the chassis, as well as a cross beam between these struts to improve stability. The easel as is works fine as is, I am only concerned that with years of use, the wobble with only increase. Do not let this issue deter you from this versatile easel. Now, get in there and create!

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  • Good Versatile Large Easel - Just a Wee Bit Wobbly

    Reviewed on 6/20/2012

    As reviewed by Duane Dorshimer

    I like the Item #42638 / Utrecht Artist's Convertible Easel. The greatest advantage for me is the option to swing the easel / canvas from vertical to horizontal quickly. I find this feature to be very practical for application of glaze and washes. The easel is designed to accept larger supports- so you do need more room than most basic A/ H frame easels. The materials used are excellent / quality. However, the design of the base allows for a small degree of lateral wobble / sway. This appears to be caused by the higher weight of vertical H-frame than the supporting base. While painting this issue has not caused any problems. Again as the other review stated, it may be more of a concern related to the potential for premature damage/ weakness of the structure. Only time will tell. If you visit this review in 5 years maybe I will have posted an update! :) Also, my box did not include any assembly instructions. However, most of the assembly is related to attaching the base to the H-frame, and it was mostly straight-forward. Overall I am very happy with the product, and I would buy it again.

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  • Good Buy

    Reviewed on 8/6/2013

    As reviewed by Tom Me

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I bought this easel at my local Utrecht store. For the features, quality and price it's a good deal. I had two issues however. First, a thread stripped. I don't think that I over tightened, it was a factory freak. With a little work you can replace the nut. Second, like the other reviewer I was experiencing some wobble. The biggest culprit are the screws that fasten the support slats to the base by the back wheels. I now keep them snug and when I change angles I tighten them up just a bit with an allen wrench and loosen them up a bit when changing angles. To firm up where the one support slat slides into the other I also put a quick grip. This all might sound like a hassle, but all of the vertical to horizontal easels I tested had just a touch of wiggle to them. This solves that problem. For the price range and type of easel that this is, I couldn't find a better deal.

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