A Key Holder is an hourly associate who has been given the additional responsibility of opening and/or closing the store (or an associated satellite location). This associate has mastered all ‘day to day’ responsibilities and has shown management over time that he or she is capable of doing and monitoring additional tasks.With the keys to the store come an alarm code, the safe combination, an elevated cash register authorization code, and the responsibility of leading the staff and representing the company in the absence of any store management personnel.Key Holders are not managers (decision makers). They are well trained and trusted operators of the functions involved in running a store for limited and specified periods of time.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. To be totally familiar with the opening and closing procedures, and the daily operational procedures of the store.
  2. To present to the customers a positive, attentive, knowledgeable, and professional appearance.
  3. To operate the store in a professional and fiscally responsible manner during those periods when there is no management in the building.
  4. To insure that any Action Plans left by store management are properly executed.
  5. To communicate with store management and the central organization as necessary in transacting the company’s business.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  1. To monitor and participate in customer service, recovery, cleanup, stock fill-ins, and receiving activities in the store.
  2. To run and supervise the operation of cash registers, and back office procedures.
  3. To exhibit and maintain an above average product knowledge.

Goals (Quantifiable) and Objectives (Qualitative):


  1. To control register shortages, the safe accuracy, and any other issues of fiscal responsibility on your shift.
  2. To help in control of paper shrink and theft on your shift.
  3. To maintain operational control and order, as well as excellent customer service, on your shift.


  1. To adhere to all policies and procedures of the company.
  2. To be punctual, responsible, and to respect and communicate professionally and completely with both our customers and our associates.
  3. To leave detailed written information for store management on any issues that have occurred on your shift, except for issues where it is clearly necessary that you contact your store manager or AM1 when they occur.
  4. To maintain all store standards of cleanliness (janitorial) and recovery (floor presentation) on your shift.