The Assistant Manager 1 position is a senior management position in each store organization. This is the individual who will step in and run the entire operation in the Store Manager’s absence, both for short and extended periods of time. This is also the individual who is in training to become a Store Manager. Duties and responsibilities for this position include monitoring and participating in all the daily operations, strategic planning, training and development, outreach, and an overall positive Guest – friendly environment.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Involvement in the training and development of all new associates.
  2. Overseeing all day to day operations of the store.
  3. Support of the Store Manager in achieving the financial goals of the store (i.e. sales, payroll, controllable expenses, margin).
  4. Support in controlling both an accurate and balanced inventory and shrink level.
  5. Support in overseeing and participating in monitoring and reacting to competition in the local marketplace.
  6. Support in overseeing and participating in the store’s Outreach program.
  7. Overseeing and monitoring all the merchandising standards of the store.

Secondary Responsibilities:
  1. Continue your management training and commitment to personal growth within the company.
  2. To be a proactive part of the creative process within the store, in terms of merchandising, outreach planning, and all other market oriented situations.
  3. To both learn and apply necessary but fair disciplinary standards to the associate group within the store.
  4. Exhibit and maintain an above average product knowledge.
  5. Make fiscally responsible decisions in support of the Store Manager, in terms of payroll and staffing, marketing strategies, Guest requests and needs, and any other operational issue that comes up in the course of daily business.
  6. To communicate responsibly to the Store Manager, the associate staff, the central organization and the store Guest and Outreach audience.
Goals (Quantifiable) and Objectives (Qualitative):


  1. To achieve controllable expense and payroll budgets.
  2. To achieve sales, gross margin and profit budgets.
  3. To achieve stock plan and shrink guidelines.

  1. To strengthen Utrecht’s relations with the arts and education communities.
  2. To develop and maintain a well trained, professional staff.
  3. To operate within company standards and procedures.