Utrecht Artists' Oil Paint, Flake White

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Utrecht Artists' oil paints, milled in the USA since 1949, use the purest pigments and oil, no fillers and the highest possible pigment concentration.

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Historically inspired lead white painstakingly researched to match the consistencies of traditional oil paints using carefully selected materials.

Utrecht's Flake White offers the genuine experience of paint hand-made according to the best documentation of Dutch Golden Age art materials.

The Pigment

Lead Carbonate offers excellent optical, handling and drying properties favored by artists for centuries. Lead white enhances permanence in paint films; its low oil content makes it ideal for underpainting.

The Vehicle

Dispersing white pigments in more neutral-colored oils is known to have been a common practice in many of the Northern schools during the 17th century. The treatise of William Beurs instructs that white pigments should be ground in the "very best poppy oil"; many other documents of the period similarly recommend oils other than linseed for brilliant, silvery whites. Our expert consultants select safflower oil for both its neutral color and excellent performance in oil paints . Safflower is light in color with drying properties similar to poppy oil, yet remains flexible.

The Process

Utrecht Flake White Oil Color is hand mulled in small batches, not mechanically milled. This painstaking method is labor-intensive and requires a high degree of skill; hand-mulling yields unique consistencies not achieved any other way.

The Finished Product

Utrecht Flake White is specially formulated to produce a short, buttery paint perfect for creating suave surfaces and translucent scumbling.

  • Flake White
  • Series: #3
  • Lightfastness Rating: 1
  • Opacity: Semi-Transparent
  • Pigment Type: Synthetic Inorganic
  • Color Index Name:PW 1 + PW6
  • Vehicle: Safflower Oil

Decades of Art Supply Excellence

Utrecht has crafted professional oil colors in the USA since 1960. Utrecht Artist's Oil Colors are the trusted choice of professionals around the world. We use only the highest quality raw materials and no fillers to produce a paint featuring:
  • brilliant color
  • rich texture
  • outstanding lightfastness
  • excellent working properties and durability

Mill Direct Value

Although many artists are surprised by our affordable prices, Utrecht Artist's oil paint colors are comparable in quality to the best national oil color brands. Side-by-side comparisons prove Utrecht equals or exceeds leading brands in tint strength, covering power, handling and permanence.

This product contains lead which is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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  • Utrecht Flake White

    Reviewed on 10/16/2012

    As reviewed by mromano+

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    Excellent product. In terms of cost to value ratio, Utrecht's sale price makes their Flake White the best deal in Lead White oil paints amongst all brands on the market today.Feel free to browse my review of Utrecht Flemish White for a little more detail.The pigment density is solid.The sale price makes it a no-brainer. Stock up while the product is on sale! One word of warning:order while in stock if you need the product in a timely fashion.When it is backordered it takes a while and your paintings will wait! More evidence of how popular this item is and the quality of the value.

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  • Flake White

    Reviewed on 5/2/2014

    As reviewed by Anwar

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    Great! Best white I have EVER used. Better than Holbien and Winsor Newton lead whites- (more opaque yet spreadable and shape finding). Better than Titanium or Zinc and better than the Lead/Zinc combos too. Very exciting...wear gloves.

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  • 40 years

    Reviewed on 12/10/2012

    As reviewed by john armistead

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    Paintings I did with Utrecht flake white 40 years ago still look like they are newly painted.

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