Utrecht Artists' Oil Paint, Cadmium Yellow Medium

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Utrecht Artists' oil paints use the purest pigments and oil, no fillers and the highest possible pigment concentration. Single Pigment Paint. Lightfastness: EXCELLENT, Opacity: Opaque, Color Index Name: PY37

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Single Pigment Oil Paint Color

60 Years of Oil Paint Craftsmanship

Utrecht has been carefully crafting and milling its Artists' oil paint in the USA for 60 years. These fine oil colors are used and trusted by professional oil painting artists around the world. Utrecht uses the purest oil paint supplies, raw pigments and oil, the highest possible pigment concentration, and adds no fillers to produce an oil based paint with:

  • brilliant color
  • a buttery texture
  • outstanding lightfastness
  • excellent long-term performance

Comparable to National artist oil paint brands

Don't be misled by the affordability of Utrecht Artists' oil paints. This line of artists' grade oil paint, which includes over 40 single pigment colors and few hue mixtures, is comparable in quality to national oil paint brands costing significantly more. We use only the purest grade pigments available. Utrecht Artists' oil paint line represents some of the finest oil colors available today for oil painting.

*Pure: Premium Pigment that is Not Blended.

Cadmium Yellow Medium Pure

  • Series:3
  • Lightfast Rating: Excellent
  • Opacity: Opaque
  • Chemical Type: Inorganic Synthetic Cadmium
  • Color Index Name: PY37
  • Vehicle(s):Alkali Refined Linseed and Expeller Pressed Safflower Oil

    This product contains cadmium which is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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    • Utrecht oils

      Reviewed on 3/27/2013

      As reviewed by Elisabeth Porter

      Experience: PROFESSIONAL

      I learned with pure Utrecht oils and never will use anything else if possible. Every time I have used a friend's oil if I have run out while plein air painting, I am dissapointed and don't get the results I expect. Utrecht oils are my visual vocabulary which I know like English, my verbal vocabulary.

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    • Utrecht Paints and supplies

      Reviewed on 3/4/2013

      As reviewed by Boruch Hoffinger

      Generally a happy experience to shop at Utrecht's. High quality, reasonable to low prices and friendly customer service. My shipments come in a timely fashion. Thank you.

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    • Color and clean paint; both in Utrecht''s paints

      Reviewed on 9/26/2012

      As reviewed by John Trippel

      Experience: PROFESSIONAL

      I've used Utrecht paint of the student grade ever since the 1970's when I was an art student and I've always been certain of the unified color in each of the tubes of any Utrecht color that they've sold me. They blend well. They thin out well with almost any medium, they are the best. Flat out I would be sunk if they ever went out of business, I count on using their clear and bright paint every time I go to the canvas. They have what I want and it's been this way for forty years now. Besides just check their prices then try the quality of what they are selling at those prices, you just can't match those two things in one store like Utrecht does.

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