Unison Handmade Soft Pastel Box Sets of Landscape Colors

MP Code #MP-20048-001   
$123.99 - $233.99
$79.09 - $127.32

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Discover the intensity, vibrancy, fluency and responsiveness of Unison handmade soft pastels with these sets of Landscape colors.

Hand-to-Hand Pastels: In the hills of Northumberland, England, an artist makes pastels.

He mixes pigments in equipment a baker would use. He lightly hand rolls the dough and allows the sticks to air-dry. No other pastels flow so smoothly into the tooth of the paper.

Unison handmade pastels, a work of art before you ever use them.

Sets contain different assortments of colors typically used in creating landscapes. Choose by number of colors.
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