Strathmore Illustration Board, Heavy-weight Vellum, 500 Series

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Highest Quality Art Board made from America's finest drawing paper for over a century.

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Strathmore mounts their renowned 100% cotton 500 Series drawing paper sheets on both sides of a high quality, archival, lignin-free, white color board to create an illustration board whose balanced tension will resist warping. Good for wide variety of media and drawing techniques with graphite pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, sketching stick, pen & ink, marker, soft pastel, mixed media, oil pastel, light wash and collage.
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  • Excellent board for art!!

    Reviewed on 7/10/2019

    As reviewed by Crazy Louise

    Experience: NOVICE

    I first learned of this board during an art class with watercolors. The instructors showed that we could peel off the front, and the back, of the board to produce two scannable pieces of art from a single sheet (I use the term sheet loosely). I ordered the 30 x 40 size, and cut each sheet into quarters. I have a stack to use, which inspires me to just get to the art part. I have really enjoyed the size of the cut sheets for my watercolors and pencil art. In the future, I would order the same 500 Series board but in the wet media line. I love this board more for my colored pencils (wax and water types) than I do for my watercolor wet washes. Lifting of color from a wet wash is difficult and pulls up some paper fibers. There will be no warping of this board. NONE! Paint away! The watercolor painting shown has some terrible shadows from my painting area, but the color is vibrant, and the hot press type surface shows all the dabbing of the brush. I hope this type of board is helpful to people who want to paint but just can't get time to stretch their paper, taping down the edges, preparing the paints, etc. ad nauseam. I was thrilled to find a full sheet of this board in my class materials because I have been trying to track down this board for years! I have not peeled away the front and back surfaces for scanning because I do not work in an art department that wants my work for scanning. Knowing I can use both sides is a plus! Do the math, and you will find that these professional grade boards are a fantastic bargain. I have painted off and on for years. I am not a professional, yet I am not taking classes to become a professional artist. My time has amassed to hundreds of hours with acrylics, watercolors, pencil, and even eye shadow as my art supplies. I am now seeing the leap of mastery that comes from hours of repetition. If you have leaped from absolute beginner to 20-100 hours of time spent in this craft, then keep going! Your skills will take a major jump when you have 500+ hours under your belt. I have nearly given up several times over the past 30 years, sometimes setting aside my art for years at a time. There is renewed excitement for art, painting in particular, now that I see more improvements in my skills.

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