Strathmore 500 Series Charcoal Paper, Peachblow

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Strathmore charcoal & pastel paper.

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Strathmore charcoal & pastel paper.
64 lb. 100% rag Content.
sheet size: 19 x25
mould-made charcoal paper with a distinctive laid finish. Provides the right drag for precise shading with charcoal, pastels, and other dry media. Also accepts pen and light washes.
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  • Been there. Will stay there!

    Reviewed on 5/10/2018

    As reviewed by Bruce E.

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    Strathmore 500 Seried "Laid Surface" Charcoal and Pastel paper is more flexible than one expects. It can be moistened and stretched to drum head tension. This allows the artist to introduce water miscible media of all kinds. A very good way to build intense images is to lay down the local colors in gouache or watercolor and let it dry. The paper will prevail. On top of that, more opaque media can be blended. Try a patch of pastel which you want to be merged with another - without edges. Use a sable brush and slightly wet the pastels. They will move like paint and stick like glue. Color blends stay fixed. The loose paper dries and is drum tight afterwards. Introduce India ink, acrylics, charcoal together. Strathmore 500 series is always 100% cotton stock and is a vital tool in my work. Been with it since the the bound pads in the 80's. Still have a few. Nice!.

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