Sennelier Oil Pastels Luxury Wood Box Sets of Assorted Colors

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Picasso himself chose the first 48 original oil pastel colors, including eight distinct grays. Metallic and Iridescent colors were added in the 1980s. Sennelier expanded color range to 120 colors in 2003, and this luxury wood box set contains every single one of them, including 10 Iridescent colors

Luxurious Wood Box Sets of Sennelier's Handmade Oil Pastels

Pablo Picasso wanted the freedom to paint without a brush. He wanted the freedom to create without needing to mix, tint or prepare. He wanted the freedom to experiment on whatever medium was before him whether it was canvas, paper, metal, wood, stone or glass. This is what Pablo Picasso wanted and he went to Sennelier to get it. The oil pastel was born; sensual, creamy, luminous and intense; it is hands down the most universal medium offered.

Watercolorists, oil painters and sketch and mixed media artist can't get enough of it. Anyone can use them from children to students to professionals due to its artist grade quality, but non-toxicity. You can use over oil, acrylic, pastel or watercolor. Sennelier Oil Pastels have the highest pigment load. No need to prime a surface, they can be thinned with turpentine or worked with a brush. Lightfast, non-toxic, and acid-free to resist drying.

These luxurious sets come in beautiful dark wood boxes. Choose by number of colors. The 50 piece set is Picasso's original palette.

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