Richeson Butcher Tray Palettes

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Virtually indestructible, these porcelain-enameled metal butcher trays are great for acrylics, watercolor, and gouache.

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These Butcher Tray Palettes have a convex center so water runs to the edges, making them the perfect palettes for dry brush techniques in watercolor or gouache.

Modeled after the original American butcher trays, these sturdy trays have a smooth surface that cleans easily and can last a lifetime. The inherent small rim chips will not affect performance.
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  • A great watercolor palette

    Reviewed on 4/10/2012

    As reviewed by Eric

    Experience: NOVICE

    I have collected a wide variety of palettes, and I'm always looking for something with a larger mixing surface, and I don't seem to like the palettes with sections. I've been using old white corelle plates but all of the water collects in the middle of plate. The butcher's tray has a slightly convex bottom, so excess water collects along the outside. I understand this is a problem for some artists, but is exactly what I'm looking for. I've been told it doesn't stain either, but I haven't washed mine out yet, but when I push pigment aside using a paper towel, so far, no stains.

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  • enamel butchher tray

    Reviewed on 2/7/2013

    As reviewed by Arthur

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    nice surface,sturdy and easy to clean. Good palette for acrylics and water colors.

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  • Richeson Butcher Tray Palettes

    Reviewed on 6/12/2017

    As reviewed by Catherine D.

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I love these trays. I have purchased them in the past (from other dealers) and am thrilled to see them here!! They (at Utrecht) being priced very competitively -- (I might add). I have mixed oils, acrylics on them, for paintings -- as well as custom stains for other woodworking projects -- and they clean up marvelously ... no residue stains or added "gunkiness" on the surface, after you are done -- once cleaned (and wiped appropriately) -- one is set for the next session of creativity! Thank you so much for offering these. I will be ordering more soon. They come in handy for other uses - not just painting!

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