RF Oil Paint Pigment Stick, Intense Carbon Black

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Artist quality handmade oil paint sticks. Natural wax gives you softer consistency and better film strength. No additives, extenders or facilitators. Intense Carbon Black is this stick''s color.

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Intense Carbon Black Handmade Oil Paint Sticks - Natural Wax Gives Softer Consistency & Better Film Strength

Pigment Sticks, also known as paint sticks or oil sticks, are a version of oil paint that is made with wax so that the paint binds together. The manufacturer then forms the paint into sticks you can use to paint or draw on your work surface directly, without having to use a brush or palette knife. There is no messing with paint tubes or solvents as well when you use an oil paint pigment stick. Oil sticks differ from oil pastels in that the oil used is a drying oil, such as linseed oil, whereas oil pastels are made with non-drying oils. Oil sticks will dry to a hard permanent paint film while works in oil pastels never dry and have to be protected by glass.

Carbon Black

The blackest of all blacks. Can unbalance the rest of the palette. Best for special effects. Reddish undertone and tints.

About R&F Pigment Sticks

R&F mills its oil paint sticks using only the absolutely purest, basic traditional oil paint making materials: natural wax, linseed oil, and pigment. R&F is the only oil paint stick brand that uses natural waxes (beeswax & plant wax) exclusively in making their Pigment Sticks which minimizes the amount of wax in the paint stick. As a result, you get softer consistency and greater paint film strength.

R&F''''s carefully milled and molded Pigment Sticks are handmade in small batches using a process that does not use any of the additives, extenders, substitutes, or facilitators commonly used in industrial paint stick production. This process is more intensive, the material costs are higher and the formulas are more complex but the effort is worth it as you get a much higher quality paint in a Pigment Stick that is very luminous with a luscious texture.

Pigment Sticks are completely compatible with all oil painting materials, supports and techniques.

  • You can use pigment sticks to work over dry paintings made with tube oils.
  • Some artists crush the pigment sticks into a buttery consistency that they then mix wtih their tube oil colors on a palette.
  • Use Pigment Sticks with oil painting mediums the same way you use tube oil paints.
  • You can use palette knives or brushes to work with pigment sticks.

Varnishing Pigment Stick Paints

Varnishing is one area where pigment sticks differ from tube oil paints. The wax that pigment sticks use to hold the stick form can be dissolved by some varnishes, which could then spread your colors. R&F recommends using synthetic varnishes like Gamblin''''s Gamvar or Golden''''s MSA/UVLS and applying them using very light brush strokes or the aerosol spray versions. The synthetic varnishes are easier to remove, very important when working with pigment stick colors, and are less yellowing.

Sizing for Pigment Stick Paints

As with other oil paints, proper sizing of your support is recommended to keep the acid in the linseed oil used in the sticks from damaging your work''''s surface.




Grounds or primers are used to create the surface that your paint is actually applied to. Grounds are typically applied after you have sized the support surface. Grounds give your surface uniform absorbency by creating a white, non-yellowing layer that gives your painting maximum luminosity. Grounds also give your surface the "tooth" or texture you need for the paints to stick to.

Absorbent grounds you can use include:

Non-absorbent grounds include:

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  • Doesn't seem to ever dry

    Reviewed on 8/12/2019

    As reviewed by Fyr

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I used RF Intense Carbon Black on a large canvas project. 2 weeks and counting, it's still not skinned over in thicker areas of application. Thin marks are a little skinned, but still can pull black with a tissue test in spots. This appears as if it's going to take months to surface dry. -Totally unacceptable :( *****UTRECHT RESPONSE***** Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with these pigment sticks. It's true that these are both the creamiest and the slowest-drying oil sticks we offer. We do also offer their blending medium, which is available with added drier. Any time you have questions regarding the use of a product you purchase from us, our Product Information Team is here to help. Just call 1-877-887-3248 (8am-5:30pm CST M-F) or email info@utrecht.com.

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