RF Oil Paint Pigment Stick, Blue Ochre

MP Code #MP-01107-108   
$18.15 - $60.30
$14.52 - $48.24


Artist quality handmade oil paint sticks. Natural wax gives you softer consistency and better film strength. No additives, extenders or facilitators.
Pigment Sticks, also known as paint sticks or oil sticks, are a version of oil paint that is made with wax so that the paint binds together. The manufacturer then forms the paint into sticks you can use to paint or draw on your work surface directly, without having to use a brush or palette knife. There is no messing with paint tubes or solvents as well when you use an oil paint pigment stick. Oil sticks differ from oil pastels in that the oil used is a drying oil, such as linseed oil, whereas oil pastels are made with non-drying oils. Oil sticks will dry to a hard permanent paint film while works in oil pastels never dry and have to be protected by glass.
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