RF Encaustic Hot Palette, 12 x 12 inches

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

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12 x 12 in
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R&F's encaustic palettes are specifically designed for the encaustic painter.

  • New size is great for artists beginning their adventure in encaustics
  • The palette measures 12" x 12" x 3 1/2"
  • Features a 1/4" thick aluminum plate
  • This plate is anodized to prevent reactivity that could discolor pigments
  • It sits on a sturdy baltic birch plywood base

Size: 12 x 12 in

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  • Studio Essential

    Reviewed on 10/3/2012

    As reviewed by Donnie Toomer

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    This hotplate is a great addition to any artist's studio and rounds out a studio's capabilities nicely. This affordable model is perfect for encaustic artists and printmakers alike. The heating element is sandwiched between sturdy four-ply and the aluminum work area. The bolts are easy to access should one need to remove the element for cleaning or situate the element off-center to allow for multiple heat zones. Great for beginners or experts alike. While not large, its 144 sq. inches provide enough work surface to heat a dozen standard size cakes at once or several smaller loaf pans. With three temperature settings one can effectively control the melting temp of low heat waxes or high heat rosin and damar with little more than a turn of the dial. A separate thermometer would be required for precise measurements of heat but the unit itself will not reach total flashpoint. If price is a concern, this unit will get you where you need reliably and, if treated with respect, should last years. It is lightweight and portable. With a low profile, it is easily stored with or without a box. The aluminium surface heats quickly and evenly and cools relatively quickly as well. As aluminim can discolor with the use of heavy metal pigments such as cadmiums and pthalocyanides, a heat resistant barrier sheet may be used to prevent spillage, discoloration, or potential hazards from marring the surface or effecting heat transfer but is not necessary. While one can visit RF paints themselves, they are a small business so buy here and be assured of Utrecht's topnotch, global customer service.

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  • RF Encaustic Hotplate

    Reviewed on 10/3/2012

    As reviewed by sandra engel

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    The plate is nice, but small. I didn't think I would miss the extended brush handle that the larger version has, but I really do. Because the palette is small, the brushes roll off when trying to keep them hot...

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