Princeton Sensu™ Capacitive Brush & Stylus For IPads, IPhones, Tablets

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Paint, play, sketch and imagine with the new & incredible artist brush for use with tablets and devices.
Artist Brush for i Pad®
Artist Brush for i Pad® In Stock
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Sensu...The Artist Brush

The real potential of the Sensu brush is realized when used with a painting or drawing app. Many are available for the iOS and more are coming online in the Android Market. Art Rage, Auryn Ink, Sketchbook Pro, and Brushes are some of our favorites.

Works with most capacitive devices including iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, Samsung Galaxy, and more. It delivers a true artist painting experience on iPad, iPhone, and other devices with capacitive screens.

The conductive brush hair was developed to give a satisfying sense of resistance, and dances across the screen with a real liveliness. When closed for travel, a convenient rubber stylus nib is revealed for use on the go. Constructed of solid brass components that are chrome plated allowing a solid feel in the hand. The black handle section is molded of seamless silicone for comfort and a precise grip.

Size: Artist Brush for i Pad®

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