Niji Yasutomo Niji Waterbrush

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

This combination brush and water container is very versatile and makes a handy tool for stampers, artists and crafters.

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This combination brush and water container is very versatile and makes a handy tool for stampers, artists and crafters. Water is stored in the hollow long barreled plastic handle and is released through the bristles with just a squeeze.

Great for watercoloring, rubber stamping, silk painting, bleaching and face painting. Holds 7ml of water. Tip is 12mm in diameter.

If you would like to learn more about selecting the right fine art brush we recommend reading our 'Painter's Brush Kit' article.

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  • Versatile tool of choice

    Reviewed on 5/21/2013

    As reviewed by Nathan Baird

    Experience: NOVICE

    I started using Niji waterbrushes a few years ago after attending a "sketchcrawl" in San Francisco. It has quickly become my "go to" for both sketching and finished work. Here's why: VERSATILITY: The waterbrush pen handle/reservoir can be filled with water, ink, or premixed watercolor. I fill some of mine with technical pen ink (clog free- I've also used sumi ink which is a richer black but it tends to crystalize and require more cleaning) and add distilled water to create a gray wash. For watercolor use, it's great not to have to hold a water basin while I paint. DURABILITY: Depending on your choice of paper, the synthetic bristles will wear down, but unlike some other brushes (Pentel's Aquabrush for example) the Niji can be completely disassembled and cleaned. Extending the life and performance of the brush. Old brushes become wash or "spot black" workhorses. If the bristles totally conk out, you can keep the reservoir filled and on hand as a quick replacement cartridge for a newer tip. Some criticism: the Niji reservoir is a little bit more difficult to fill than the Aquabrush because it has a seal that securely connectsit to the brush-tip assembly. However, this means that loose cartridges don't really leak (provided they aren't squeezed). I find that the medium tip is generally most useful since I can get reasonably thin lines while also being able to cover large areas. I use my Niji brushes for watercolor sketches, ink portraiture, comic book inking, and find the brush is more than adequate. In conjunction with water-soluble colored pencils, pens with water-soluble ink, even chalk, you can maximize your artistic versatility with a minimum of equipment which makes outdoor or city sketching much more enjoyable and feasible. The expert water colorist will, of course, have better results with natural hair bristles and for large format paintings I can see that the strengths of the Niji would become weaknesses. However, for speed, portability, and flexible application, this is my favorite tool...hands down.

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  • Have water... will travel

    Reviewed on 9/18/2012

    As reviewed by Julie

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I bought this waterbrush to round out my travel sketching and watercolor pack... it does the trick. I have a few micron pens, a winsor and newton pocket watercolor set, a pentel mechanical pencil and this. With a small sketchbook, I can paint and draw anywhere on the fly. Pros: Very transportable, does the job of an on the go brush very well, easy to keep clean, refilled well, good water flow. nice even painting line, easy enough for a beginner to use. Cons: Takes some time to master the right amount of pressure for the right amount of water. White bristles stain very quickly, Handle (and over all size) of the brush is much bigger than I expected. I find this product is very useful and I now do not use any other watercolor brushes while sketching "on the road". I highly recommend this product to anyone painting on location or for anyone who likes to do urban sketching.

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