Graftobian GlitterGlam Liquid Skin Sparkle, Clear

MP Code #MP-00782-001   Item #00782-1005

Create custom body glitter with this transparent formula.
1/2 oz
1/2 oz In Stock
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Mix GlitterGlam Clear Mixing Base with the powdered glitter of your choice to create custom colors. Because it's alcohol-free, the waterbased formula is safe and easier on skin than other glitter products.

Once dry, Graftobian GlitterGlam Liquid Skin Sparkle is super durable and super sparkly. It comes in a 0.5 oz (14.5 ml) bottle with a brush built into the lid.

Cruelty-free. No animal testing.

Made in the USA.

Size: 1/2 oz

Color Family:
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