Golden GAC-400 Acrylic Polymer

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

Dries to a hard, stiff film. When applied over fabric, it will stiffen the support.
GAC's can be blended with GOLDEN Acrylic Paints to extend the paint, regulate transparency, create glazes, increase gloss, reduce viscosity or improve adhesion and film integrity. The GAC polymers can also be used for binding pigment solids for various effects and surfaces. Unlike the other GOLDEN Mediums and Gels, GAC Acrylic Polymers have only a minimum amount of thickeners, levelers, defoamers and surfactants to ensure good film formation.

GAC 400: Fabric Stiffener / Rabbit Skin Glue Alternative.
• Dries to a very hard and stiff film.
• Most useful for priming fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, etc.) when stiffness is desired.
• Used as a rabbitskin glue alternative when applied directly to raw canvas or linen.
• Allows sculpting and shaping of draped fabrics.
• Can be heat-set if launderability is important. *Note: The heat-setting process will release low levels of formaldehyde; therefore it is imperative that adequate ventilation be provided.

Note - Golden Acrylic Mediums have a new look, but their reliable quality remains unchanged. Most products just have new labels, but you will notice a few items also have updated names. Please note that during this transition in stock, you may receive product with new and/or old packaging. Rest assured, they both contain the same outstanding formulations you've come to know and trust.
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