Gamblin Solvent Free Gel

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Made from safflower oil and alkyd resin, Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel is completely non-toxic. It lends gloss, flow, and transparency to oil colors with minimal compromise in terms of color, dry time, texture, and mark making.

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Supports a broad range of painting techniques. Holds brushstrokes. Contains no Gamsol or petroleum distillates.
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  • Leveling Gel

    Reviewed on 4/25/2016

    As reviewed by AMR

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I liked the consistency of the medium which was buttery and easy to mix. I was hoping for a stiffer gel that would retain brush strokes, but this was very leveling. Not really usable for impasto effects, but good for extending the paint.

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  • Clean smelling

    Reviewed on 4/3/2017

    As reviewed by aisjah

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I first bought this Solvent Free Gel to use plein air painting. I liked the way it remained in a mound, rather than spreading out on my palette. Then I started using this Solvent Free Gel in my studio. It is an excellent medium for slightly thinning out the thick "out of the tube" oil paint. Easy to control the amount you need. Does speed up the drying a little, but not as much as other alkyd gels. So you can still paint a day later because the paint has not dried much. ++++ hardly any odor at all.

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