Gamblin PVA Glue Sizing

MP Code #MP-08924-001   
$12.95 - $28.95
$9.71 - $21.71

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Diluted with distilled water, PVA size is a Contemporary size for fabric support.
Diluted with distilled water, PVA size is a contemporary size for fabric support. Conservation scientists recommend painters use neutral ph PVA size on linen and canvas instead of rabbit skin glue. PVA provides a good size layer that seals the fabric but does not re-absorb atmospheric moisture, swell and shrink like rabbit skin glue does.

There are hundreds of different formulae of PVA. Gamblin PVA size is made from PVA that has a neutral ph and does not yellow. It also retains its flexibility and does not emit harmful volatiles.
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