Gamblin Oil Painting Ground

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Oil painting medium that makes fabric stiffer than acrylic gesso and more flexible than traditional oil primers. Uses just 2 coats instead of acrylic gesso's 4 coats. 16oz can.

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Robert Gamblin established Gamblin Artist's Colors Co. in 1980 to make artists' grade oil colors and to share his technical knowledge about color and painting techniques with other painters. Pure pigments and the finest refined linseed oil are used to make Gamblin artist's oil colors.

Gamblin ground makes a strong foundation for oil paintings. Formulated with alkyd resin, titanium dioxide and barium sulfate, Gamblin ground makes fabric supports (canvas and linen) stiffer than acrylic gesso and more flexible than traditional oil primers. Because of a higher percentage of pigments, painters need only apply two coats instead of the recommended four coats with acrylic gesso.

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  • fine oil ground

    Reviewed on 10/3/2012

    As reviewed by muvs32

    Experience: STUDENT

    The big difference between an oil ground and one made for/of acrylic polymer, is the rate of it's absorbancy. Actually, an oil ground should be at all absorbent and this is why. If you, like me, do not always paint with an under painting (a toned wash does not count in this) then an acrylic ground might be too absorbent and leave your once brilliantly colored painting looking matte and dull a few weeks later. If you always use an under painting then a good/superior quality (like Utrecht Artist series) acrylic polymer/gesso is fine but even the best acrylic will breath and absorb oil to whatever extent. Once past the study or "Sunday painter" stage, try stepping up to a dedicated oil ground as there is a difference! Also, visit the Gamblin website and watch the video for direction of use of oil ground prior to first application...Pick this up with a 40% off coupon and its one of the best deals at Utrecht!

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