Gamblin Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Excellent solvent for thinning Gamblin mediums and for general painting, including studio and brush cleanup.

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Flashpoint 145 degrees f. Using Gamsol, painters can work with pure odorless mineral spirits with a slow evaporation rate and a high permissible exposure level.
Painters who are using Gamsol and Galkyd do not need respirator masks or exhaust systems.

Due to California's ''Amended Solvent Legislation Rule #1143'', Utrecht can no longer ship this item to customers living in California
Art retailers are not allowed to sell paint thinners & multi-purpose solvents in containers that are larger than 1 Liter in California.

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  • Truly Odorless!

    Reviewed on 6/21/2012

    As reviewed by Debra

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    Sick to death of other "odorless" mineral spirits and turpentines, but finding them necessary for various painting effects, I finally ordered the much touted Gamsol for my studio. I love this product, which is TRULY ODORLESS! I was unsure if I would like it, so ordered the small 32oz. can, but my next order will be for the largest size available. Great product!

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  • Excellent product

    Reviewed on 2/7/2013

    As reviewed by Alice Senturia

    Experience: NOVICE

    This refined product has made it possible to work in enclosed spaces and even with other painters as there is no aroma at all. I really could not use oils without Gamsol.

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  • Probably the best available.

    Reviewed on 4/23/2013

    As reviewed by Sterling

    Experience: NOVICE

    I have used many "odorless" mineral spirits. This one not only is odorless but it is designed to have a very low evaporation rate. Making it safer to be around. You still need to have good ventilation because just because you can not smell it doesn't make it good to breath in. I no longer buy any other brand. My second favorite is the Mona Lisa brand. It is one that is very cheap in large containers and pretty much odorless also. Hard to beat Gamlin items for quality.

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