Fredrix Marble Dust, 4lb Bag

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Buy Fredrix Marble Dust at a low discount price from Utrecht. 4 lb bag. Made from powdered calcium carbonate. Used to make gesso.

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4lb bag
4lb bag In Stock
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Marble dust is made from powdered calcium carbonate. Use with rabbit skin glue to mix your own traditional gesso, or with oil paints to create texture.

4.6 lbs / 2 kg.

Please Click Here for PDF instructions for making your own Gesso.

Size: 4lb bag

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  • Extra Tooth

    Reviewed on 5/21/2013

    As reviewed by Sterling

    Experience: NOVICE

    I paint allot and although not for a living I have read up on and experimented with several items. This is great for adding extra tooth. It is different than just Calcium Carbonate. Although marble dust is made up of it. Marble dust is basically pH neutral. Not all calcium carbonate you buy will be. Marble dust also gives good tooth and is grittier. Two table spoons per cup of what ever it is mix in is a good starting point. If you add too much you could make a brittle surface. It is a good item to add to basic Gesso that is made up of only Acrylic emulsion and titanium white. Make test pallets of your mixtures and test before using. Some people use up to two table spoons per 100 ml of paint or gesso. Oil Ground; Making an oil base ground from a large tube of titanium white 200ml , 2-4 table spoons of Marble dust and 2-4 table spoons of liquin works well. a dash or two of Gamsol to make thinner also helps. Insure your canvas was SIZED(sealed) with PVA and the following oil coats over this oil ground contain more linseed(fat) that the ground! You might need to experiment with the mixture but it works very well. Winsor and Newton Titanium white also has Zinc in it. This is o.k. Just remember that a tube of paint contains Linseed oil (fat). Fat over lean rules apply.

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