Faber-Castell Goldfaber Studio Soft Pastels, Set of 48

MP Code #MP-20000-002   
$29.90 - $358.80
$18.45 - $199.20


Sets of Creative Studio Soft Pastels in half sticks. Great value for students and aspiring artists.
The Creative Studio Soft Pastels maintain good lightfastness, have excellent color opacity and provide smooth color laydown. These soft pastels possess excellent blending characteristics for rich pastel effect. Gentle fixing is recommended.

48 color set includes: White, Cream, Cadmium yellow lemon, Cadmium yellow, Orange glaze, Alizarin crimson, Light purple pink, Magenta, Violet, Blue Violet, Cobalt blue, Ultramarine, Helio turquoise, Dark phthalo green, Chrome oxide green fiery, Permanent green, Green gold, Cinnamon, Sanguine, Light yellow ochre, Burnt umber, Cold grey I, Cold grey VI, Black, Cold grey IV, Brown ochre, Burnt ochre, Caput mortuum, Earth green, Juniper green, Light green, Hooker's green, Cobalt turquoise, Middle phthalo blue, Sky blue, Indianthrene blue, Delft blue, Middle purple pink, Light magenta, Permanent carmine, Dark cadmium orange, Dark chrome yellow, Dark cadmium yellow, Indianthrene blue, Light yellow glaze
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