Chartpak Tri-Nib Point AD Art Marker Set of 25 Colors

MP Code #MP-21303-002   


25 piece sets of Chartpak's AD markers with their distinct ability to create 3 line weights from one marker nib. Choose by category of colors.

Chartpak's ad markers provide three distinct line weights in just one nib.

Brilliant, sparkling colour delivered in fine point, medium weight, or broad strokes with a simple shift of the pen angle. Precise control in permanent, solvent-based colours. Use the blender to achieve unlimited color graduations on non-absorbent mylar, foils, glass, or to transfer dry-toner photocopied images onto other papers.

Choose from 3 sets of 25 markers

  • 25 Art Director colors
  • 25 shades of Gray
  • 25 Architectural Colors which include:
    • Super Black
    • Slate Green
    • Sand
    • Redwood
    • Purple Sage
    • Process Blue
    • Pale Olive
    • Olive
    • Light Ivy
    • Kraft Brown
    • Forest Green
    • Dutch Blue
    • Dark Olive
    • Cool Gray 9
    • Cool Gray 7
    • Cool Gray 5
    • Cool Gray 3
    • Cool Gray 1
    • Chrome Orange
    • Chrome Green
    • Bright Orchid
    • Brick Red
    • Beige
    • Banana
    • Aqua
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