Blick Self-Healing Cutting Mats, Translucent

MP Code #MP-58991-001   
$12.25 - $75.79
$4.99 - $30.85


Durable Blick Cutting Mats are self-healing, non-stick, and impervious to liquids and spills. They'll last a long time.
Made of high-tech, 3-ply polymer material, Blick Cutting Mats are constructed with a self-healing surface that holds up under repeated use with art and mat knives or rotary cutters.

The calibrated inch grid lines make cutting easy. In addition, there are two 45° angled lines and one 60° angled line for reference when cutting diagonally.

Great for:
• Artists
• Architects
• Crafters
• Students

If your Blick Cutting Mat becomes bent or distorted, simply heat it in sunlight or hot water until it becomes pliable and the mat is flat.
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