Blick Masterstroke Interlocking Bristle, Bright

MP Code #MP-05226-001   
$8.49 - $31.99
$5.09 - $19.19

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

The Blick Pure Interlocking Hog Bristle Series is one of Blick''s finest brush lines, and quite possibly the finest pure hog bristle to be found.
The very best craftsmanship goes into every Blick Pure Interlocking Hog Bristle brush, from the top-quality, hand-selected white bristle to the gold tip on the long, matte-black handle. The word "interlocking" refers to the quantity of natural flags on the tips of the bristles ? deep flags that lock together and produce a smooth stroke even with heavy or thick paints.
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