Ampersand Pastelbord, Grey

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Pastelbord wood art panels' hand applied marble dust textured surface holds more pastel layers than any other surface. Not just for pastels, you can use acrylics, oils, watercolors, gouache, pencil and charcoal as well. Gray surface. Choose your size.

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Clay and Gesso Coated Art Boards Designed To Hold More Pastel Layers Than Any Other Surface!

Ampersand has given its Pastelbord line of primed wood panels a wonderful hand-applied marble dust texture that holds more layers than any other surface you use with pastels.

The Pastelbord art panel's finish is comparable to a sanded pastel paper except it has more versatility and durability. Unlike paper, Pastelbord's hardboard surface holds an extraordinary amount of layers and is a perfect surface for using soft or oil pastels as well as pastel pencils. You will find that your pastel colors go on smoothly, blend beautifully and remain rich and vibrant and that Pastelbord painting boards are exceptional surfaces for both wet and dry pastel techniques.

Not Just for Pastels!

Pastelbord artist boards make great painting panels for use with acrylics, oils, watercolor, gouache as well as other dry mediums.

Patented Archiva Seal Coating Technology

Like all of Ampersand's museum series panels, the Pastelbord line of art boards features the patented Archiva Seal technology, a coating and sealing process that protects against support-induced discoloration.  Pastelbord's coating is acid free and non-yellowing, making it a truly permanent museum quality surface.

  • Ampersand is committed to producing products that don't harm the environment or the artists who use them. All Museum Series Panels are made using FSC certified forest products. The FSC certification is one of the most effective standards for protecting wildlife, plants, soil and water resources. Ampersand's Museum Series boards are formaldehyde-free and do not contain any organic compounds that generate harmful gas emissions (VOCs).
  • Pastelbord panels are also available in similar sizes with a White Color Surface

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  • Great Oil Painting Ground

    Reviewed on 8/5/2014

    As reviewed by Nils

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    I picked up some pastel board at our local art supply store just to try out a new painting surface and I have to say that it is probably one of the most satisfactory painting grounds for oils available. Most "gessoed" panels for painting these days are treated with acrylic primer which is not the same as actual gesso which is a combination of chalk and glue. The pastel board is closer to the substrates used for traditional oil painting. it can be sanded to a nice smooth texture while still maintaining a level of absorbency which allows for nice controlled layering and good adhesion without a visible surface texture for those looking for that smooth quality to their work. It also allows for scrubbing on paint with coarser brushes without scraping paint directly off the surface. It can also be left more coarse if greater tooth is desired for really wet ala prima and more heavy paint application with great adhesion and control without that slippery slidey effect working wet into wet has as when working on other acrylic primed boards. An absolute delight to work on. Durable, won't bend or warp

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