Ampersand Hardbord Wood Art Board, 3/4" Cradled

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WARNING: This product contains a chemical known in the State of California to cause cancer.

Unprimed hardboard wood panel pressed from quality hardwoods in USA. 3/4 inch strips cradled profile sizes - choose your size. Frame it like a standard stretched canvas or hang directly for frameless presentation. Use as painting or mounting surface.

Unprimed pressed wood panels made in USA from quality hardwoods - 1/8 inch flat profile

Build up your own unique painting grounds and textures on this ultra-stable true hardboard support.

  • Unprimed, tempered hardboard wood panels made in the USA
  • Made using quality hardwoods that have more uniform fibers and low acidity in a highly engineered manufacturing process to produce a painting panel that resists warping and moisture penetration
  • Same hardboard panel that Ampersand uses to make its pre-coated Museum Series Gessobord, Aquabord, Claybord and Pastelbord panels
  • Prime with commercial or handmade gesso grounds - acrylic or oil based.
  • Profile: 3/4 inch strips cradled profile - choose your size
  • You can frame the cradled panels just like you would frame a standard stretched canvas or hang the panels directly for a frameless presentation.
  • Cradled Hardbord panels make great painting surfaces that you prepare yourself or you can use them to mount paper, photos, fabrics or prints.
  • Because of Ampersand's commitment to produce products that don't harm the environment or the artists who use them, all of the hardboard used in the Museum Series Panels (including these Hardbord panels) differs from that used to make some hardboard and MDF board panels on the market in that they are made without formaldehyde and other organic compounds that generate harmful gas emissions (VOCs).
  • All Ampersand Museum Series Panels, including Hardbord, are made from FSC certified forest products. The FSC certification is one of the most effective standards for protecting wildlife, plants, soil and water resources.

Profile: 3/4"

More on the History of Hardboard, aka Masonite, and How Today's Modern Manufacturing Processes Make Hardboard a Viable Archival Quality Painting Surface

Ever since the first edition of Ralph Mayer's The Artist's Handbook was published, many artists have read his warning about using "masonite", a brand of hardboard, as a painting surface. At that time, the warning was merited. Today it is not. Read more about how manufacturers have changed their production methods for hardboard to eliminate the adhesion, chipping and fraying problems of the hardboard surfaces commonly used in the 1940's and 1950's when Mayer's book was first published. This article also provides some technical insights into the meticulous detail of Ampersand's engineering process for its Museum Series panels.

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