Product Profiles: Utrecht Acrylic Gesso: An Overview

Original catalog listing for New Temp Gesso, now Utrecht Professional Acrylic Gesso

The introduction of acrylic dispersion painting ground (better known as Gesso) revolutionized the preparation of painting supports. The combination of sizing and priming in a single, water-based product offered a convenient, safe alternative to the complex application and slow curing of oil grounds. More importantly, it allowed artists to make their own painting supports exactly tailored to highly individual processes and techniques.

Acrylic Gesso comes in a wide range of brands, types and grades, each formulated with specific applications in mind. Which type is right for a given project depends on factors including scale, installation environment, support materials, mediums used and individual technique.

Utrecht Professional and Artist's Acrylic Gesso are both heavy-bodied, fully formulated primers suitable for permanent painting on any scale. Utrecht Professional Acrylic Gesso contains the highest concentration of titanium white pigment of all Utrecht brand acrylic primers. Professional Gesso offers the greatest degree of opacity, covering power and brilliance. Exceptional hiding power makes Professional ideal for dark support materials like hardboard, and the best choice for large-scale works and murals.

Utrecht Artist's Acrylic Gesso contains proportionately more calcium carbonate for a thirstier and more absorbent ground with subtle tooth.

Both Professional and Artist's Gesso are made using pure acrylic polymer dispersion base (no cheap styrenated copolymers) to produce a film that remains strong and flexible with permanently neutral color. This strong polymer content ensures that support materials are thoroughly isolated and protected, with a high degree of stiffness in the dry film for dimensional stability on fabric supports.

Utrecht Black Acrylic Gesso offers similar performance, tooth and absorbency to Artist's Gesso, with a dense, dark black color. Use to impart a black toned ground to any support material that's compatible with original white gesso.

Utrecht Studio Series Gesso is an economical, ready-to-use primer for classrooms and other high-volume use. Studio Series Gesso should be applied according to package directions and should not be diluted.

Studio Series Gesso is safe for long-term contact with permanent artwork, but does not offer the same high degree of isolation, flexibility and stiffness as Professional and Artist's Acrylic Gesso. For this reason, Studio Series Gesso is best for scholastic applications, small works and sketches.

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