Product Profiles: Japan Drier

Utrecht Japan Drier is a prepared blend of catalytic siccatives that supports accellerated drying. Japan Drier helps overcome the naturally slow drying rate of certain oil paint colors and mediums, and can make slow-drying colors more practical to use.

Japan Drier was originally developed to provide a convenient, reliable additive for materials used in the historical laquering process called Japanning, designed to imitate urushi-nuri(genuine Japanese black lacquer). An early automotive paint was also called "Japan Black"for its resemblance to real Asian lacquer.Japanning formulas varied, but most included drying oils and cooked oil-resin varnishes which were induced to dry quickly by use of siccatives and heat.

Japan Drier consists of metallic salts in a base of solvent and oil for easy measurement. Used properly, Japan Drier can bring drying rates to a more practical range while preserving durable results.

Excessive use can lead to paint defectsincluding darkening and cracking. Oil paint thathas been mixed directly with too much JapanDrier can exhibit skinning with a wrinkled topsurface, with wet paint beneath.

Because Japan Drier can potentially havedestructive effects on paint when usedexcessively, it requires some care andknowledge for effective use. Many traditionalrecipes for oil painting mediums call for JapanDrier to be added in precise amounts, usually inamounts no greater than a few drops per batch.For best results, use Japan Drier in smallproportion to a traditional painting medium,preferably according to a tested formula.

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