Product Profiles: Can I Make Fluid Acrylics?

Ask the Expert: "Can I add something to tube colors to make my own Fluid Formula Acrylics? I tried water but it just made runny paint."

A: Yes and no. Fluid Acrylics are not just diluted tube colors, and they can't be made in-studio by adding medium or water. Utrecht Fluid Formula Acrylics are as strongand concentrated as our original Professional Acrylic Colors. Their unique liquid body is the result of careful formulation with top quality acrylic polymer base and pure pigments.

It is possible to modify tube colors to aproximate the consistency of Fluid Acrylics, though of course color strength will be reduced through dilution.

When diluting to a fluid consistency, rather than using water alone use an acrylic medium to support pigment suspension and film strength. For maximum fluidity withexcellent film strength, thin colors with Utrecht Acrylic Sizing, a full-strength acrylic dispersion with extra-low viscosity.

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