Just for Fun: A Gift of Paper

If there's an artist who doesn't absolutely love paper, we haven't met them. Painters, sculptors, printmakers- every one loves to have plenty of paper on hand for sketches, finished art and projects of all kinds. Artists love paper so much, in fact, that you can scarcely go wrong giving this studio staple as a gift.

Assorted Samplers

If you can't decide on a single type of paper, give an assortment instead. A mixed collection of sheet papers in a portfolio makes an impressive gift for watercolorists, pastel painters and any artist who likes to try new surfaces.

Pick an assortment that includes familiar favorite stock along with some unusual styles. Include handmade and exotic types mixed with fine traditional papers for an exciting surprise.

For presentation use a manufactured kraft portfolio, or for an extra handmade touch make a simple folder from Museum Board: score and fold a sheet to fit, punch holes at the edge and secure with ribbon or linen binder's tape.

Rolls and Bulk Packs

If you know specifically what paper to buy and want to give a truly impressive gift, consider a full roll or bulk pack. Watercolorists and printmakers will love the chance to work on a larger scale or in volume without worrying about running out of their favorite stock.


For the artist, a sketchbook is a private place where there's no audience to impress, no pressure to finish, no need to erase. It's not uncommon to keep decades' worth of drawings and notes in a library of these most personal visual diaries.

Sketchbooks come in so many styles, it's easy to pick the right one for any artist. Hand-bound leather journals evoke formality and a romantic spirit, while contemporary styles communicate a more modern feel.

In addition to standard blank books, sketch journals are also available with half ruled pages, perfect for captioned drawings and concept sketches. Artists who use mixed media or watercolors will enjoy sketchbooks made with heavy watercolor or printmaking stock including Montval, Stonehenge and other familiar papers.

Whatever the style, a new sketchbook is always appreciated as a gift. Give one, and if you're lucky you just might earn a private peek inside!

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