Just for Fun: Paintings of Palettes

Lovis Corinth

For an artist, one of the most interesting aspectsof a self-portrait is a glimpse of the painter'spalette. The way colors are laid out can reveal alot about the artist's approach and technique,giving insight into how much paint and howmany colors were used, how they wereorganized and mixed, and how clean or messythe palette was kept. In selecting these images,we discovered that some artists use two rows,with a flesh palette inside the general mixingcolors, while others organize everything fromlight to dark, warm to cool or from red to violetaccording to the spectrum. Still others simplyplace colors conveniently close together and mixeverything together in a common line ofgradations.

Sofonisba Anguissola

Alexander Roslin

Anna Waser

Asa Weston Twitchell

Jean Siméon Chardin

Jacec Malczewski

William Merritt Chase

Paul Cézanne

Felix Nussbaum

William Hogarth

Vincent Van Gogh

Nicolas Regnier

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