Just for Fun - Artist's Oil Colors for Staining Wood

Many pigments and oils used in artists' colors also make great treatments for wood!

Ask the Expert: "Can I use my oil paints to stain wood? It seems like it should work..."

A: Yes, many artists' oil colors can be used on bare wood. The same earth colors and vegetable oils used in oil paints have also been employed as wood treatments for centuries. Earth colors can be used directly or added to factory-prepared oil-based wood stains and varnishes.

This vintage table had lost all trace of varnish on top, and had suffered nicks and dents.

An application of Utrecht Raw Umber Oil Color deepened the wood, brought out the grain and turned a beat-up surface into a dignified patina.

Once the entire surface was tinted, we promptly disposed of our rags and let the "stain" dry for several days.

After the oil paint was completely dry, we buffed away any excess color then applied a thick coat of paste wax. The resulting finish was spectacular!

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