X-Acto Foam Board Cutter Knife w/ 2 #8 Lightweight Utility Blades

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Ideal for cutting mat and foam board up to 1/2" thick.

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Ideal for cutting mat and foam board up to 1/2" thick. The flat support base makes clean 90 degree cuts and a snap on attachment gives beveled angles.

The standard X-Acto 8r blade is always visible, easy to change, and adjusts up to 9/16".

Comes with 2 blades.

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  • The flat support base DOES NOT make clean , 90 degree cuts.

    Reviewed on 5/2/2014

    As reviewed by Mark Morris

    Experience: PROFESSIONAL

    It is not worth full price at all. The problem is the plastic piece on the bottom of the cutter that determines what angle you cut at. It is flimsy and does not fit onto the cutter firmly. When that piece is placed at the 45 degree angle, it fits more firmly and by being careful decent cuts can be made. But at the 90 degree angle, the cutter wiggles back and forth and is not stable at all. Smooth, vertical cuts are extraordinarily difficult to do with this angle piece. It amazes me to think that Xacto makes such a poor piece of equipment (the angle piece) and people actually pay full price for it! If X-acto redesigns the angle piece, the cutter would probably be very useful. The blade cuts well and the device is easy and comfortable to hold. Making small cuts (without the angle piece installed) that do not need exact alignment works pretty well. As it is, I am going to try to glue a piece onto the cutter so the vertical alignment is precise and the cutter does not shimmy or wobble or change angle depending on how the cutter is held. I bought this specifically to do vertical cuts in foam. I was disappointed in the cheap construction of the angle piece. The cutter itself seems to be well made.

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